ACB Nomination: Kavanaugh Smear Machine Used in Today’s Attacks

Today the Washington Post wrote a hit piece on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s religion.  The writer, Emma Brown, is a familiar name to those who work on confirmations: 

As Carrie Severino tweeted:

The other attack of the day is that Judge Barrett would not agree to recuse herself on cases regarding the election.  There is no precedent for this.  Judge Barrett is not part of the Trump campaign or administration, nor does she have any connection to the campaigns of 2020.  This is in contrast to Justice Elena Kagan who worked on the legal strategy for defending Obamacare and also voted on it.  As Tom Thurlow wrote in 2012:

When in another e-mail she was asked for her opinion on a meeting to discuss legal defenses to ObamaCare, Ms. Kagan replied, "what is your phone number?," indicating either that she had too long-winded a response or that she foresaw a possibility that her e-mails might force her to recuse herself if she sat in review of the law, or both.  At any rate, she had in fact participated as "counselor or advisor" of the law when she was solicitor general, and she is clearly not impartial about the fate of ObamaCare, so she should recuse herself in this case.

She didn’t.  No one can credibly argue that Judge Barrett's connections to the election are stronger than Justice Kagan’s to Obamacare. 

The last word goes to Senator Mazie Horono who found credible the Michael Avenatti "rape-train" allegations and is now alluding to Judge Barret's religion.