Americans Reject the Policies of Rogue Prosecutors

Americans across the country are suffering at the hands of rogue, Soros-backed prosecutors who don't respect the rule of law and enact soft-on-crime policies:

The very nature of criminal justice—to protect the innocent and increase public safety—is today undermined by a group of district attorneys (Das) in America’s big, mostly Democratic-run cities.

These rogue prosecutors, and those who fund them, dress up their schemes with poll-tested feel-good language like “re-imagining prosecution,” and argue that “data and science” back their pro-criminal, anti-victim approach.

But that’s just nonsense when you see the actual results of their pro-criminal policies—urban disorder, mass shoplifting, open prostitution, and drug markets, and, in many cases, record numbers of shootings and murders.

The most prominent rogue prosecutors are George Gascon in Los Angeles, Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, Kim Foxx in Chicago, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore, Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis, and Rachael Rollins in Boston.

While these rogue prosecutors will try to lead you to believe that their policies are popular in the mostly liberal jurisdictions that they represent, the reality is that Americans in liberal areas support tough on crime policies.

Los Angeles' radical D.A., George Gascón, has one of the strongest grassroots movements against his policies. He has come under renewed criticism in recent days for how his office has handled a disturbing child molestation case involving a transgender defendant, Hannah Tubbs:

Jailhouse recordings of Tubbs were revealed this week, and showed Tubbs admitting it was wrong to attack a 10-year-old girl in a women’s bathroom back in 2014, but gloated over the light punishment. 

"I’m gonna plead out to it, plead guilty," Tubbs said in one recording. "They’re gonna stick me on probation, and it’s gonna be dropped, it’s gonna be done, I won’t have to register, won’t have to do nothing" . . .

Tubbs was sentenced in January to two years at a juvenile facility because Gascon’s office declined to transfer the case to adult court, adhering to one of the progressive prosecutor’s day-one directives barring "children" from being tried as adults. Gascon has cited studies showing brain development isn't complete until a person is 25, and contends juvenile detention can rehabilitate young offenders. 

But it's not just the locals who reject Gascón's policies. The overwhelming majority of Gascón's own line attorneys overwhelmingly support the recall effort against him.

Rogue prosecutors are betraying the Constitution to achieve their far left policy goals at the expense of everyday Americans. Everyone from their constituents to the line attorneys who work for them are rejecting their radical approach to the criminal justice system.