Anniversary of January 6th Highlights Democrats' Ugly Opportunism

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. To be clear, the violence and property destruction that took place that day was unacceptable and should be condemned. Unfortunately, Democrats took today's anniversary as an opportunity to push their radical elections agenda.

In a statement released on the riot, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said:

“As I said yesterday, it has been stunning to see some Washington Democrats try to exploit this anniversary to advance partisan policy goals that long predated this event. It is especially jaw-dropping to hear some Senate Democrats invoke the mob’s attempt to disrupt our country’s norms, rules, and institutions as a justification to discard our norms, rules, and institutions themselves.

“A year ago today, the Senate did not bend or break. We stuck together, stood strong, gaveled back in, and did our job. Senators should not be trying to exploit this anniversary to damage the Senate in a different way from within.”

Thursday's speeches also exposed the Democrats' hypocrisy when it comes to their support of law enforcement. Democrats (rightfully) praised the heroic actions of law enforcement on January 6th, but they spent 2020 broadly condemning law enforcement, even while they were being attacked in riots and unrest across the country.  

Finally, Democrats' complaints of intimidation and doxxing of Demcrat elections officials fell on deaf ears after the Left participated in widespread doxxing of conservatives, including RNLA members. Intimidation of all forms is bad and should not be tolerated.

Questions still remain about why the riot breached the Capitol Building—but Democrats are more concerned with promoting their radical agenda than finding answers to those questions.