Biden's Border Crisis is at an All-Time High

Biden's Border Crisis has reached an all-time high. To add to the chaos, Axios reported earlier this week that the Biden Administration has released 50,000 people who crossed the southern border illegally without giving them a court date. Unsurprisingly, only 13% of them have reported to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office like they were directed to.

As former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan explained on "Life, Liberty & Levin," federal law enforcement morale is low:

As the situation grows more dire, ICE officers are grappling with morale that "has never been worse down on the border," Homan warned.

"I've been at the border four times in the last two months and these men and women, I tell you right now, they've lost total respect in the President of the United States, which is sad. And they lost respect in the secretary of Homeland Security," he explained.

"Why? Because the secretary to this day will say the border is secure and closed and these men and women are dealing with this crisis every day, putting themselves in harm's way. And their secretary won't recognize that. And the second thing, the president during one of his first speeches accused the last administration of watching children starve, starve to death on the riverbanks, the Rio Grande. These are the men and women, the Border Patrol, the men and women put their lives on the line every day. The men and women who saved over 7,000 lives already this year by pulling people out of the river, saving people in the desert."

The American people aren't happy either.

In the absence of support from the Biden Administration, state governments are stepping up their efforts to protect the southern border.

Republican governors from states like Florida and South Dakota have also contributed to the efforts of border states.

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