RNLA in the News: California Leads the Nation in Election Chaos and Confusion

The Orange County Register today featured a guest column by RNLA President and Executive Director Michael Thielen looking at California's election chaos and confusion. Thielen, a native of Huntington Beach, CA, notes his hometown is actually a bright spot, having recently adopted a new Voter ID measure.

From the guest column, California leads the nation in election chaos and confusion. Huntington Beach shows a way forward:

As America’s most populous state, California often leads the nation in both bad and good ideas. After the recent primary election, both extremes were present. In San Francisco, for the first time, a noncitizen serves as a member of the city/county election commission, helping to determine election policies, procedures and ultimately results.

Meanwhile, my hometown of Huntington Beach, Surf City USA, is going in the opposite direction. Huntington Beach just voted to adopt a voter ID measure in city elections, a common sense voter confidence measure already adopted in 34 states.

While Huntington Beach is doing its best to give all voters more faith in our elections, San Francisco highlights the chaos and confusion that lead to voters on all sides lacking confidence in the voting process.

Click here to read the entire column in the Orange County Register.