Castro, Democrats Attempt to Harass Conservatives into Silence

This past month, Democrat Representative Joaquin Castro released the names of Trump donors in San Antonio in a heated tweet claiming they are “fueling a campaign of hate.”

In natural form, the liberal mob immediately went on attack and began harassing these people.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Rep. Castro did not intend for the donors to be harassed. Why else would he publicly chastise them?

This situation leads to a larger debate surrounding disclosure laws for political contributions…

Federal law requires the name, address, occupation, and employer of anyone who gives over $200 to a federal candidate to be published in a government database. The threshold hasn’t been adjusted, even for inflation, in over 40 years. At that level, the law doesn’t just capture big donors — it captures ordinary Americans, too.

Not only are ordinary Americans' information published in government databases, it is accessible online for anyone to easily look up.

In a worst-case scenario, donor information offers a roadmap for would-be harassers to target Americans for their beliefs. Even on its best day, disclosure mostly serves up cheap ammunition for partisans to slime their opponents.

Politicians now use disclosure to monitor and police the views of American citizens, calling into question the wisdom of allowing government to surveil so much of our political activity.

When Americans who make political contributions find themselves doxxed by a congressman and harassed by anonymous lowlifes, many may decide it’s too risky to support candidates. That would be a real loss for democracy.

This allows the left-wing fringe to find and harass innocent victims who simply want to support the candidate of their choice.

Earlier this year, Democrats introduced legislation to even further expose the private information of political donors. Senate Majority Leader McConnell called Democrats out on their true intentions.

“[This is] custom-built to chill the exercise of the First Amendment and give federal bureaucrats -- and the waiting left-wing mob -- a clearer idea of who to intimidate."

There is great risk in this of discouraging conservatives from participating in the political process. Democrats are attempting to shame their opposition into silence. We cannot allow the liberal mob to harass and intimidate any American’s freedom of expression.