Conservatives Push Back Against Biden Vaccine Mandate

Last Thursday, President Joe Biden announced what effectively amounts to a nationwide COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The Federalist reported:

The Biden administration will force private-sector employers to mandate all of their employees either get the COVID-19 shot or produce a negative test weekly.

The new rule, developed by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), applies to all businesses with 100 employees or more. Businesses that do not comply with the new federal requirements could face “substantial fines up to nearly $14,000 per violation.”

According to Axios, the new order extends to “more than 80 million Americans working in the private sector.”

Republican lawmakers, both on the state and federal levels, immediately expressed their concerns of the constitutionality of the mandate.

Organizations like the Republican National Committee and The Daily Wire have already announced that they plan to sue.

As Senator Mike Lee pointed out on Fox News, many businesses will end up paying fines for not having vaccinated employees which he believes amounts to "a form of extortion."

Other business owners are worried that they will be unable to keep their employees in light of the mandate.

There exists a myriad of constitutional issues that could be litigated in response to the Biden Administration's forthcoming rules. One thing is for sure, conservatives will lead the way in fighting back against this unconstitutional overreach.