Cuomo and Elias Uncover "Voter Suppression" . . . by Democrats

The bias of the mainstream media has been exposed again after CNN's Chris Cuomo pushed the inaccurate Democrat talking points that problems with Georgia's primary were caused by so called "voter suppression" tactics by the Republican Secretary of State. Georgia's Statewide Voting Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling dismantled Cuomo's narrative by explaining the cause of the issues on Tuesday – mishandling of the elections process during the COVID-19 pandemic by local officials. Many of these officials are Democrats.

Sterling told Cuomo:

We did lose many polling places, because it's summertime, the schools are closed. Churches opted out. VFW halls opted out. . . In Fulton County, specifically, they lost 40 locations and collapsed many of those locations into mega-precincts, which saw a lot of these amazingly long lines. . . We said, this is not a good idea. You need to find other, alternative locations. And those kind of polling closures, the things we're discussing, are literally county decisions. They are made at the county level, and the state has zero ability to tell them not to do that.

Sterling also noted that social distancing lowered the number of voting machines in each polling place and that volunteer numbers were down.

Similarly, Democratic attorney Marc Elias blamed long lines for Nevada's primary on Republicans. RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer fought back against Elias' baseless allegations on Twitter:


Like Georgia, there were fewer polling places in Nevada due to the COVID-19 pandemic and local, generally Democrat, officials' decisions.

Despite the fact that many voters prefer to vote in person if possible, Democratic lawmakers and officials continue to support policies that make it more difficult to vote and cause the issues experienced during the primaries on Tuesday.