Day 1: Vote Fraud Already in Florida?

Intentionally or not, according to this post by Lawyers Democracy Fund, election officials in Miami-Dade County in Florida are “increasing the election's vulnerability” to vote fraud:

Sources tell LDF that the poll workers, on orders from the Supervisor’s office, are now erroneously informing early voters to keep the mail ballot instead of returning it to the possession of the Elections Office.  This procedure is in direction violation of Florida Election Code Section 101.69, and there is already canvass evidence that that some voters who early voted have also attempted to vote twice by mail balloting.

The attachment linked above also includes more troubling information.  Eight absentee ballots (called vote by mail in Florida) were rejected because the voter is deceased.  While much like winning Powerball, it is technically possible that the person received the vote by mail ballot, voted, mailed it, died, and the county received and processed the death record, it seems unlikely.  What seems more likely is eight dead people's ballots were “voted” by someone else.  It is great that the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections caught these but how many others were missed?  Especially in light of the increasing vulnerability in Florida by such actions as returning mail in ballots to those who vote in person.


Most importantly, who is trying to vote in the name of the dead?