Day 2: Judge Barrett Hits Home Run, Dems Strikeout

Democrats continued their healthcare forum during today's confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  This came despite:

Judge Barrett did a good job answering legitimate questions from the committee members and not answering questions where appropriate:

The hearings did have a couple of big moments for non-lawyers.  The first showcased the fact that Judge Barrett will be the only parent with minority children on the Supreme Court.  While Senator Durbin tried to play "gotcha" with Judge Barrett, the effort backfired because she drew on her experiences as a mom to answer some of the most difficult questions asked of her:

Today's other big moment showcased Judge Barrett's intellect:

While Judge Barrett was brilliant and hit a home run, Democrat Senators struck out. Three Senators had major "strikes" against Democrats' credibility. 

First strike, Senator Richard Blumenthal lied:

During his questioning of Amy Coney Barrett, Senator Richard Blumenthal claimed that the nominee had admitted in her dissent in Kanter v. Barr — a case that revolved around the gun rights of a convicted non-violent felon — that her position sounded “radical.”

When Barrett gently challenged Blumenthal, saying she didn’t recall ever having written those words, the senator assured her, more than once, that she had.

As with many thing Blumenthal says, this was untrue

Then there was Senator Hirono with strike two. Trust us, we are mild in our tweet compared to others.  

The third strike came from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who is obsessed with Dark Money.  Unfortunately for him, Senator Cruz followed him:

Great job Judge Barrett.  You are a role model for all conservatives.