Democrats Continue to Attack American's Right to Vote

The left continues to attack the Election Integrity Commission, but Sarah Lee breaks down the flaws of the left's arguments in an article in the Independent Journal Review.  She addresses the surreal fact that liberals are using which is a conservative argument of Federalism for maybe the first time ever.

In a weird turn of events, liberal Democrat leaders have suddenly rediscovered the concept of federalism and have begun to craft the narrative that this request to the states for help study is somehow a predecessor of centralizing policy. It is not. The Commission, as clearly stated in their foundational order, is a study group only tasked only with making suggestions.

She notes how opposition against the Commission is part of a larger problem of liberals obstructing everything:

Ultimately, the pushback from liberals sounds more like obstructionism of the type the Democrats have been engaged in since President Trump was elected, most visibly by attempting to block almost every single one of his judicial appointments, beginning with newest SCOTUS member, Justice Neil Gorsuch.

She concludes by detailing another reason beyond the constant obstructionism that Democrats engage in, fear in what the Commission may uncover:

The fear-mongering over what the Commission is trying to do — which is, simply and literally, examine states’ voter processes and publicly available rolls in an attempt to make sure only legal votes are cast and counted — is so extreme that it makes one wonder just what on earth Democrats are frightened might be discovered.

Perhaps what they fear is what The Republican National Lawyer’s Association and The Heritage Foundation have both discovered through their respective vote fraud databases which document hundreds of cases of proven vote fraud: the myth of vote fraud is no myth at all.

The Heritage database is here.  The RNLA's survey is here.  Sarah Lee has a strong point that the left is protesting and obstructing as if they have something to hide over a mere Advisory commission.