Democrats Embarrassed Themselves at Barr Hearing

There was one consistent theme throughout the testimony of Attorney General Bill Barr yesterday – Democrats failed to get any of their attacks to stick and only accomplished embarrassing themselves at every accusatory question.

It has been made clear that President Trump did not commit any crime, however, it is now also clear that “Democrats don’t care about the truth.”

Frustrated after the collapse of their Russia collusion hoax, Democrats seized on the letter as an opportunity to reframe the public narrative in their favor, even though it didn’t actually contradict the attorney general in any way.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., for instance, questioned whether Barr's previous congressional testimony was “misleading” in light of the revelation that Mueller was unhappy with the media coverage of Barr’s initial letter to Congress.

Barr explained. “Mueller had never told me that the expression of the findings was inaccurate.”

Barr further explained that Mueller told him over a phone call that his concern was about media coverage misinterpreting the report. The truth just made Democrats more angry.

Unsatisfied by Barr’s truthful responses, some Democrats gave up on asking questions and started grandstanding, haranguing Barr about their own interpretations of Mueller’s letter.

Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, gave the most disgusting performance, spending nearly all of her allotted time hurling baseless accusations at Barr and demanding that he resign before squeezing in a few accusatory questions. By the time she was finished, Sen. Lindsey Graham, the committee’s chairman, felt compelled to reprimand her for using her time to “slander” the attorney general rather than asking him substantive questions.

The liberal spectacle didn’t end there. Other Democrats accused AG Barr of being biased and told him to recuse himself, simply because he wouldn’t fall in line with their false narrative of Trump obstructing justice.

Barr’s testimony, however, merely confirmed what we already knew: President Trump did not collude with Russia, and there is not sufficient evidence to justify charges of obstructing justice.

Sadly, no witch-hunt is complete without an inquisition, and the only thing the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing lacked in that regard was a torture rack for extracting false confessions. Barr held his ground without skipping a beat because, despite the protests of the Democrats, he’s got truth on his side.

While Democrats tried their hardest to accuse, blame and slander him, Attorney General Barr stood his ground. We can be grateful for Barr’s resolute leadership and for his unwavering commitment to the truth.