Democrats' Favorite Stacey Abrams' Refusal to Concede Is Poor Example

RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon published an op-ed on Fox Opinion today titled "Democrat Stacey Abrams' sore-loser example is the wrong message for America":

But even [Hillary] Clinton – who conceded her loss to Trump – looks like a good sport compared to Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, who lost the 2018 gubernatorial election but remains in raging denial of reality. . . . Abrams has never conceded – instead, she proffers wild conspiracy theories about how the election was “rigged,” even as she admits to The New York Times: “I have no empirical evidence that I would have achieved a higher number of votes.”

Instead of distancing themselves from her alternate reality, Democrats have lifted up Stacey Abrams as a leader. . . .

Stacey Abrams announced her Fair Fight 2020 campaign last weekend. It is equally troubling that anyone is taking this new effort – ostensibly to fight voter suppression – seriously. It is not about minority voter suppression – it is about Democrats winning all elections, because that is their only definition of a “fair fight.” . . . Gone is any pretense of a level playing field and poll access – Democrats will win, voters be damned!

Ms. Dhillon concludes by pointing out that the Democrats have chosen to uphold someone who as a sore loser sends the wrong message to America and undermines confidence in our electoral process:

Circumspect public officials or those seeking such offices, regardless of party, should avoid undermining integrity in our voting process, yet Abrams and her ilk are too attached to their narrative to be deterred by reality.

As the Democrats showed with their efforts to pass H.R. 1 without input from Republicans or even election officials of their own party, they are increasingly willing to make election administration a partisan issue instead of working together with all stakeholders to ensure the fairness of elections and increase voter confidence in the process.  Their embrace of Stacey Abrams as a figurehead for the party is only the latest example of this trend.