Democrats Obstruct at ACE Act Markup

After a marathon markup that wrapped up Thursday evening, the American Confidence in Elections Act (ACE Act) passed out of the Committee on House Administration.

It's normal for the opposite party to offer their ideas for amending legislation during a markup. But here, Democrats engaged in a full on obstruction campaign against the common sense election reforms found in the ACE Act, offering hundreds of pages of amendments that would completely undermine the spirit of the bill.

One of the hallmarks of the ACE Act is that is fortifies the states' role as the primary authority over election administration in their respective states. Subcommittee on Elections Chair Laurel Lee repeatedly pushed back against the Democrats' attempts to hijack the ACE Act and turn it into a federal takeover of our elections.

RNLA is proud to support this legislation that provides a stark contrast to the dangerous election law proposals that Democrats continue to push.

We applaud the hard work the members of Committee on House Administration and their staff have put into the ACE Act.