Democrats' Soft on Crime Policies Are Costing Americans

The soft on crime policies of local and state Democrat officials are costing Americans. As the Manhattan Institute's Rafael A. Mangual wrote about in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, rising crime has become a top issue for voters, despite the Left trying to gaslight the American people into believing that rising crime shouldn't be a concern.

Seemingly endless examples exist of how these Leftist policies are negatively affecting communities across the country.

The Biden Administration continues to brush off the real consequences of soft on crime policies by blaming the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heading into the 2022 midterms, voters are showing how they overwhelmingly reject the Left's radical policies undermining law and order. In November, Virginians elected a Republican Attorney General. Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares wrote in the Washington Examiner:

Virginia is in the middle of a public safety crisis. That’s why Virginians elected pro-law enforcement statewide officials, to end the criminal-first, victim-last policies that have led to Virginia’s highest murder rate in decades.

Miyares also vowed to work with the state legislature to pass a law that would allow the state to intervene when a rogue prosecutor refuses to pursue "child rape and violent crime cases."

While Democrats continue to run their cities and states into the ground by encouraging policies that decrease public safety, Republicans are doing what they can to uphold law and order for every American.