Democrats Want to Use Federal Agencies as a Failsafe for Their Elections Agenda

The Democrats are completely detached from reality when it comes to the state of elections in the United States. Last month's Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution's hearing on H.R. 4 is a perfect example.

As the Heritage Foundation's Hans von Spakovsky notes:

From the way the three liberal witnesses described America, you would think it wasn’t 2021 but 1878, the year Reconstruction ended and Union troops withdrew from the former Confederate states.

They apparently live in a fantasyland where racial discrimination is widespread and prevents Americans, specifically minority voters, from being able to cast ballots in elections. According to these three speakers, voter ID requirements are part of this sinister plot even though such requirements are supported overwhelmingly by Americans, regardless of color or political affiliation.

Unfortunately, the Senate Democrats who attended the hearing supported these outrageous claims. 

Unsurprisingly, Congressional Democrats are unlikely to get partisan power grabs like H.R. 4 signed into law because the reality is that there is no need for their radical proposals.

However, the Biden Administration is already putting a system in place to utilize executive agencies to implement their elections agenda in the event that Congress is unable to pass one of the Democrats' election packages. The Foundation for Government Accountability pointed out last week: 

Earlier this week, the White House issued a statement regarding the new steps federal agencies will take in accordance with Biden Executive Order 14019.

That order commanded the head of every federal agency to submit to Susan Rice, the president’s Domestic Policy Advisor, a plan outlining their strategy to register voters and encourage their participation. There are currently more than 600 agencies, ranging from the Department of Defense to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The order also called for the agencies to develop a strategy to invite and support non-government groups to help register voters and provide them with absentee ballot applications from federal agency buildings located in states across the nation. The order did not explain who would approve the groups allowed to engage in these activities, nor what the criteria for approval would be, and failed to define what kind of support the groups would be provided by the federal government.

The press release continued

“This Executive Order has nothing to do with promoting access for voters, and everything to do with power, that is, keeping President Biden and his political party in power,” stated Stewart Whitson, Legal Affairs Fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). “This is a blatant misuse of taxpayer resources and a clear signal to his base that even if the attempt to federalize elections through congressional action fails, as it will, the current administration has a backup strategy to impose these rules on the states regardless. These rules are designed to undermine commonsense election integrity laws passed by duly elected state legislators across the nation and replace those reforms with laws that would benefit the president and his party. State attorneys general across the nation should ready themselves to defend their states from the federal overreach that is headed their way.”

Democrats will do whatever they can to ensure that they win elections indefinitely, including circumventing the legislative process to achieve their goals.