Democrats Work to Intimidate the Supreme Court

If you listened to the most recent meeting of President Biden’s Commission on the Supreme Court and knew nothing prior, the liberal “scholars” would have you convinced that the Supreme Court is hated by all Americans.  The reality is that the Judicial Branch is the most popular branch of the United State Government.  The real purpose of Biden's Judicial Commission is to undermine the judiciary's popularity and to further intimidate the current Supreme Court.  As Dan McLaughlin writes in National Review Online:

The Court-packing debate has cooled off for a while since prominent Democrats introduced legislation in April to pack the Court with new justices for nakedly partisan and ideological purposes. Democrats are happy to move the question offstage. Court-packing is a massively unpopular and dangerous proposal, just as it was in 1937. At the moment, Democrats don’t have the votes in the Senate to break a filibuster, and they do not appear to have 50 votes for passage, either. But they have not abandoned the implied threat that they might bring it back if they get a bigger Senate majority or if the Supreme Court does something they dislike enough.

If Biden’s Commission really did care about America’s judicial system, it would be sure to rebuke Sheldon “Whites Only” Whitehouse.  Senator Whitehouse stopped talking about “dark money” conspiracies just long enough to try to create another conspiracy against Justice Kavanaugh.  In another National Review article –– entitled "Does Sheldon Whitehouse Think CNN Is Part of the ‘Right-Wing Attack Machine’?" –– John McCormmack reports:

Whitehouse claims senators weren’t shown all the tips the FBI received about Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. CNN has, in no uncertain terms, reported otherwise.  . . .

Mike Davis, who served as chief counsel for nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Kavanaugh hearings, tells National Review that there was a summary of all 4,500 tips in the FBI’s report, which was available to all 100 U.S. senators.

“They printed out the entire tip-line summary,” says Davis. “Every senator had full access to read those things if they wanted to.”

A Republican senator who reviewed the FBI’s report confirms Davis’s description of the tip-line summary. “There was nothing in there . . . nothing anywhere providing a shred of corroboration” of an existing allegation or a new allegation, the senator tells National Review.

The Judicial Commission and Senator Whitehouse's efforts right now are not to “pack the court” so much as to intimidate the Court.  While not perfect, a strong argument can be made the Supreme Court is the one branch of government best doing its job right now.  The public certainly thinks so in public opinion polls