Does MSNBC Have an Editorial Policy to Support Vote Fraud?

Yesterday Al Sharpton was in the news for his role as an FBI informant. This gives a possible reason for the non-prosecution of his vote fraud efforts in a similar time period. However, it does not explain why MSNBC placed as the lead in their efforts to oppose anti-vote fraud measures such as voter ID a person who actually committed vote fraud! 

As John Fund explains it may be intentional by the media giant

Even when fraud is obvious and proven, some liberals will dismiss or even defend it. In 2012, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, former staff director of the Senate Finance Committee, insisted it was “perfectly reasonable” for voter fraud to occur occasionally. When challenged, he repeated himself.


This is not jaywalking.  Why is disenfranchisement of voters through vote fraud “perfectly reasonable” to MSNBC? 


Ironically Democrats are the victim of this as well. It is why Rhode Island passed voter ID.  The Republican Party is small and not a real factor in Rhode Island.  But good government Democrats in Rhode Island were sick of corrupt machine Democrats stealing elections. 


Fund closing by quoting a former Alabama Democrat:


But liberals who consistently deny the existence of voter fraud — even absentee-ballot fraud — help contribute to a climate in which such offenses against democracy are too often excused or ignored.


“Voter fraud harms people in the Democratic coalition more than most,” says former Democratic congressman Artur Davis of Alabama, “I have seen up close how Democratic primaries have been stolen in Alabama by corrupt machines that then deliver bad services and poor schools and rob people of their future.”



MSNBC's support of vote fraud not only hurts Republicans but Democrats as well.