For the Umpteenth Time, Vast Majority of Americans Support Voter ID

In 22 years as RNLA Executive Director, I have never seen a poll measuring support for Voter ID with less than 75 percent in favor of the policy. Historically, polls show approximately eight out of 10 Americans support requiring identification to vote. Such a poll was released again today by Gallup, America's oldest polling firm:

Requiring all voters to provide photo identification at their voting place in order to vote Favor 79 % , Oppose 21%

As in all previous polls regarding Voter ID, the Gallup poll reveals a majority of Democrats also favor Voter ID. Republican support is virtually unanimous. 

requiring all voters to show photo ID is supported by 97% of Republicans and 53% of Democrats

It is worth noting that independents’ views on Voter ID align closer to overwhelming support, as with of Republicans, rather than the mere majority support among Democrats. 

Independents' views fall about halfway between Democrats and Republicans on most of the policies tested. However, independents' 84% support for photo identification is significantly closer to Republicans' level of support than to Democrats'

Unlike other voting issues polled that are on relatively new  ideas, such as drop boxes, Voter ID has constant, overwhelming , and bipartisan support from all voters.  This despite constant and fallacious opposition from Democrat Party leaders.