Garland Pledges Not to be Wingman Like Holder at Attorney General Hearing

Today was Biden’s Attorney General nominee Judge Merrick Garland’s hearing.  There was not a lot of substance and listening to the Democrats speak, you would think that former Attorneys General William Barr and Jeff Sessions were the most partisan in history.  Senator Ted Cruz did a great job of pointing out who really was a partisan attorney general, President Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder:

As Ed Whelan points out, Judge Garland was sometimes evasive:

Senator Cotton questioned Judge Garland on racial equity as opposed to racial discrimination. 

While GOP Senators tried to question Judge Garland on substance issues, liberals were doing ridiculous things such as comparing Senator Josh Hawley to Senator McCarthy for pointing, yes pointing.  This response to media darling and liberal history Professor Michael Beschloss sums it up well.

Of course liberal efforts to focus on the past included bringing up Garland’s prior Presidential election year nomination to the Supreme Court.  Senator Grassley put that history in perspective:

Judge Garland is likely to be confirmed as Republicans treat qualified nominees who pledge to uphold the rule of law with respect.  Republicans focus on their qualifications and history.  Other nominees for Department of Justice positions, however, are not as qualified nor have they shown a commitment to the rule of law.  While Garland will be confirmed, serious concerns remain on other DOJ nominees.