Garland Dodges Republican Questions at Senate Oversight Hearing

Earlier today, Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee at an oversight hearing for the Department of Justice. Both Ranking Member Grassley and Chairman Durbin noted that Garland has been less than responsive to requests for information from Congress.

Republican Senators questioned AG Garland on a variety of issues.

Most notably, members questioned AG Garland at length about the controversy over a Department of Justice memo that many see as threatening towards parents who voice concerns at their local school board meetings and exercise their First Amendment rights.

At least one U.S. Attorney is already trying to implement the DOJ's memo, and AG Garland refused to take responsibility for the shocking way parents are being targeted around the country.

Similar to his responses at a House oversight hearing last week, AG Garland refused to acknowledge an apparent conflict of interest created by the DOJ's memo and AG Garland's son-in-law being involved in the promotion of critical race theory curriculum.

It has become abundantly clear that despite AG Garland's promises to keep the Department of Justice as non-partisan as possible, it has become an enforcement mechanism for the Biden Administration's radical agenda.