Georgia Election: RNLA Efforts and “Independent” Voter Suppression

RNLA staff, members, and leaders from other states such as Florida all went to Georgia to help with “Election Day Operations” (EDO) or efforts to ensure the Georgia election was open, fair and honest. Although the term of art is “EDO”, RNLA-related efforts have been going on for weeks. 

RNLA was one of the leaders of an effort that was described as follows:

Both current and former RNLA staff led the training efforts for this EDO effort. More than just our paid staff, many of our members volunteered their time to travel to Georgia to help out. A shout out to our Florida leaders such as Manny Iglesias, Joseph Van de Bogart, and Ben Gibson who led a large delegation of Floridians to help Georgia. 

While RNLA lawyers are doing their best to ensure an honest election, one non-RNLA lawyer is suppressing the Republican vote. While allegedly being pro-Trump, attorney Lin Wood has been telling GOP voters not to vote in the Georgia Senate runoff. How a Democrat-controlled Senate helps Republican President Trump is beyond anyone’s logic, but Wood has said many questionable things. This has led to people questioning his sanity.

Unfortunately, as was reported in the liberal New Yorker:

“Lin Wood’s rhetoric could almost single-handedly move half a per cent, which could shift the outcome in the Loeffler race,” he said. . . .

What about the potential “Lin Wood effect” dampening conservative turnout? “They can blame me if they want to,” he[Lin Wood] said. 

Lin Wood is lifelong Democrat who now claims to be an independent. While RNLA and others did their best to ensure an honest election, in contrast, lawyers such as Lin Wood, intentionally or not, worked to suppress the Republican vote.

Please support RNLA’s efforts for open, fair and honest elections in Georgia and beyond.