Gorsuch's New Book Provides Insight into his Philosophy

Today, Justice Gorsuch's new book, A Republic if You Can Keep was officially released.

Early reviews and comments indicate that President Trump hit a home run when he nominated Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Here are few quotes about and from the book that have come out in the last few days.      

First off according to Bloomberg, the book touches on Gorsuch’s philosophy:

Gorsuch is a staunch advocate for approaches toward judging that have become conservative staples: originalism in constitutional cases and textualism when interpreting statutes. He says those approaches help ensure judges don’t “allow their policy preferences to determine their legal rulings.”

The LA Times does a deeper dive and quotes from the book on originalism:

The strongest words in Gorsuch’s book come in his defense of “originalism” against the charge that it is a sham and a formula for conservative rulings. “Rubbish. Originalism is a theory focused on process, not on substance. It is not ‘Conservative’ with a big C focused on politics. It is conservative in the small c sense that it seeks to conserve the meaning of the Constitution as it was written,” he writes.

While the media, as always, seeks to divide the country and say that this or that is the worst crisis ever, Justice Gorsuch sticks to the long view.  Whether that is on the number of 5-4 decisions of the Court or a long-term optimistic view of the country:

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch said Tuesday that he has confidence in the U.S. and that those who don't should "look elsewhere."

"This country has been through a lot of challenges and always risen resiliently to them. Whether it's the civil rights movement, surviving through our Civil War or today's challenges. Whatever they may be, I've got great confidence in America and I say to those who don't: 'Look elsewhere. Where else would you rather be?' " he said in an interview with CNN. 

These excerpts and tidbits of the book makes us want to buy it.  More importantly they reaffirm our faith that President Trump made a wise selection when he chose former RNLA Member Neil Gorscuh to be a Justice.