Governor Cuomo Tells New Yorkers “Who Cares” About Redistricting Law

Emmy winner and media darling New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is again saying, “Who cares?”  This time, however, it is not about the life and death of nursing home residents who were killed because of his COVID measures but rather a bipartisan New York redistricting policy.  As former New York Congressman John Faso writes in the Wall Street Journal:

[Former Democratic Party leader] Ed Koch must be turning in his grave. Less than a decade after the late former New York mayor’s successful crusade to create a fairer redistricting system for congressional and legislative districts, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state Democrats are busy subverting Koch’s work...

In New York, Koch changed all that by leading a coalition of good-government groups and newspaper editorial boards to shame and cajole Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers from both parties into placing a redistricting reform amendment before the voters in 2014. New Yorkers voted 57% to 42% in favor of establishing a bipartisan commission to create new districts, guided by standards limiting politicians’ ability to rig elections by drawing districts that favor those in power.

It is not just Koch on the Democratic Party side who is against Governor Cuomo.  Well-known national and state liberal voting rights groups agree with Congressman Faso:

“Just look at his budget. There is no money in the budget this year for the redistricting commission,” Faso fumed. “The money that was appropriated last year was never released.”

Independent watchdog groups have echoed Faso’s concerns about the MIA commission funding. Several, including ReInvent Albany, The League of Women Voters and the Center for Law and Social Justice, published a letter last month demanding to know where the cash was.

While Faso is a Republican, there is bipartisan outrage over Democrats' cynical and callous disregard of voters, which has even the liberal League of Women Voters crying foul:

“The pessimistic reason — which is probably the real reason — is that the legislature and governor want the commission to fail,” Jennifer Wilson, deputy director of the League of Women Voters, told The Post Saturday. “Now that everything is controlled by Democrats, they would rather the whole commission get blown up and they can redraw the map however they see fit.”

Once again, shame on you, Governor Cuomo.  You are the Governor each and every New York resident, young and old, Republican and Democrat.