Happy Constitution Day!

Constitution Day, now in its 11th official year, is upon us! On this day not only do we celebrate the creation and signing of the U.S. Constitution, but schools and employers across the country offer educational programs to ensure future generations of Americans will continue to appreciate the Constitution for the work of genius that it is.
As we celebrate the Constitution, we must remain vigilant and be quick to defend it against what seems to be a near constant pattern of attack from the left. Whether it be President Obama's unprecedented use of executive actions, self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders's, status as a top tier Democratic candidate, or Hillary Clinton's desire to make federal intrusions into traditionally state-controlled territory such as voter registration requirements, the Constitution seems to be a favored target of liberals who pay it lip service as the supreme law of the land, but spend much of their time trying to devise ways to work around it.
Let us always remember that the Constitution exists to constrain the federal government and protect the people. The Constitution often stands in the way of proposed legislative schemes and it does so by design. Our governing document is not a hurdle to be overcome, but is instead a mandate to be followed and leaders on the left would do well to remember that fact.
So enjoy the day, pick up one of the free pocket constitutions that are surely being distributed somewhere near you, and take a moment to appreciate our Constitution, the greatest document ever devised by man!