RNLA Vice President Harmeet Dhillon Addresses White House Social Media Summit

On Thursday afternoon, RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon addressed an audience of media, government, and business leaders at the White House Presidential Social Media Summit. President Trump called her a great First Amendment lawyer.  Dhillon represents a number of media figures and whistleblowers who have directly experienced the suppression of free speech. In her remarks, Dhillon excoriated tech giants for censorship and repression of free speech.

“David Horowitz is a great American...Twitter abruptly deplatformed him one day, took him off, said he was banned. And then he complained, and they let him back on. Then the next day, they did the exact same thing to him. That's not an accident.” Dhillon continued, “James Damore is another great American I represent. Mr. Damore complained internally about Google’s discriminatory practices against Conservatives and pushed for more balance. Not only was he fired for daring to do that, but then the social media platforms used their platforms to humiliate him publicly and make sure he couldn’t get a job in Silicon Valley. That’s a disgrace.”

Dhillon’s comments re-enforce the recent outcry from conservatives who claim that technology giants are systematically silencing their voices, using “inappropriate speech” as an avenue to quash any dissent from the liberal narrative that consumes media platforms. Dhillon referenced the 2017 removal of a campaign ad by Senator Marsha Blackburn, stating that these tech giants are “[stopping] the ordinary men and women who [elected officials] represent from hearing their voices”. 

Dhillon concluded her remarks by urging attendees to join the fight to ensure every American’s voice is heard. 

Dhillon currently serves as Vice President for Communications of the Republican National Lawyers Association and will be speaking at the 2019 National Election Law Seminar, taking place in Charlotte, August 2nd-3rd.