Hey Media, Your Hypocrisy is Showing: The Left’s #MeToo Double-Standard

On March 25, Tara Reade publicly came forward stating that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. The Biden campaign has denied the allegations.

The blatant media bias in handling the accusations of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Vice President Biden shows an extremely disturbing double-standard in due process. Apparently, the Left does not hold their own candidates to their own standards.

Whatever happened to “believe all women”?

Where is the Democrat Party’s shock and disgust at this #MeToo allegation? Why are they completely dismissing a woman who came forward with “her truth”?

As the Daily Wire points out,

“The Times took 19 days to report the [Biden] allegations, even though the outlet immediately reported allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a Republican.

CNN waited a whopping 24 days to cover serious allegations against a prominent politician. In contrast, CNN published nearly 700 articles about the Kavanaugh allegations.

Many of the same anchors who ignored questions about Biden were adamant about accusing Kavanaugh of being a rapist and treating his accuser as a saint.”

It should also be mentioned that the press has given Biden a complete pass. Since Reade came forward, Biden has not ONCE been asked by reporters about the allegations in any of his interviews. Yet the demands by the media and the Left were relentless for Kavanaugh to be mercilessly interrogated on the national stage.

The Washington Examiner reveals the double-standard:

“When has any sexual assault claim against President Trump been greeted by the news media with such skepticism? To the contrary, the New York Times keeps a running tally of every woman, no matter how credible, who says Trump touched her.

But it's genuinely amazing to see the national media suddenly develop a new sense of curiosity about whether allegations of sexual misconduct are true or even deserve the benefit of the doubt. It’s suddenly not so black and white. It turns out that maybe we don't have to believe all women. It’s funny how deeply cautious liberals suddenly become when held to their own standards.”

Tom Elliott, the founder and news editor of the media company Grabien made the case:

"When conservatives talk about media bias, this is case in point. When Democrats sought to sink Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, the media gave them an assist by airing every scurrilous third-hand allegation they could dig up- even offering Michael Avenatti an open invite to bring his carnival act on air," Elliott explained to Fox News. And now we have a firsthand account of sexual assault against the Democratic nominee for president, and the media's giving him a complete free pass. They're not even pretending to be evenhanded by tossing him an obligatory softball. It's actually pretty pathetic."

There is no excuse for hypocrisy or double standards. It is good thing today's Democrats or media did not write the Constitution or it would read Due Process is reserved for people who we agree with politically.