House Republicans Work to Reform the IRS on Tax Day

On April 15, Representative Peter Roskam is leading the charge for a taxpayers bill of rights.  As he writes:

This Congress, I have the distinct honor of serving as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight. Together with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, we have crafted a series of concrete reforms to rein in IRS and protect taxpayers from this government bureaucracy run amok.

The IRS is an agency with a number of problems and “tax day” is a great time to call attention to them. As Roskam further stated in an earlier article:

“In a very simple way, the American public has delegated authority to Congress as their elected representatives, who then in turn delegated their authority to the Internal Revenue Service,” Roskam said. “And the Internal Revenue Service now has been abusing that authority, and we’ve got to rebalance that so that the balance is back where it should be, and that’s recognizing that the IRS is there to serve the public, not to be served by the public.” . . .

The IRS has come under fire from taxpayers and lawmakers in recent years after it was revealed in 2013 that the agency unfairly scrutinized tea party groups applying for tax exempt status.

. . .

“That’s none of the IRS’ business,” Roskam said. “The idea that a federal bureaucrat would make those types of inquiries is something that has to be pushed back against very, very hard.”


Thank you House Republicans and Peter Roskam for your leadership on this tax day.