ICYMI: Americans Want Garland to Enforce Laws Protecting Supreme Court Justices

Polling recently commissioned by the Judicial Crisis Network shows that Americans wholeheartedly reject the intimidation and violence that pro-abortion activists have promoted in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned last month. Over half of the respondents believed that the law against protesting at Supreme Court Justices houses should be enforced by Attorney General Merrick Garland and believed that such protests undermine democracy. The Federalist reported:

Americans do not believe it is right to protest outside the home of Supreme Court justices or conduct protests that interfere with the justices’ personal lives, a new poll found.

Around 61% of Americans believe that protesters should not interfere in the private lives of Supreme Court justices, according to the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) poll released Wednesday. The poll found that Americans were uncomfortable with protesters invading spaces such as restaurants or the neighborhoods of the Justices in order to voice their opinions.


An even higher percentage of respondents believe that anyone who engages in acts of vandalism or violence should be prosecuted and that it undermines democracy: 

The vast majority (84%) of registered voters agree that those who engage in acts of vandalism and violence should be prosecuted, including 82% of Democrats. This agreement increases among Moderates to 83%, and sits at 85% among Independent voters.

Similar results were seen when respondents were tested on whether those acts of violence and vandalism undermines our democracy, with 85% of registered voters agreeing, including 85% of Democrats. Among Independents, over 4-in-5 (82%) agree that engaging in rage, intimidation, and acts of vandalism or violence undermines our democracy. By 80-points, likely midterm voters agree that these acts undermine our democracy.

Unfortunately, the attitude of the Biden Administration seems to be severely out of step with the American people. As The Federalist pointed out in an articled entitled Americans Want Justice Against Attempted Assassins But Merrick Garland Is Too Busy Trying To Indict Trump And His Supporters:  

Garland released a statement publicly disagreeing with the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision. That particular statement only devoted two sentences to announcing that the DOJ “will not tolerate” violence and threats of violence. Meanwhile, following the Dobbs leak and Garland’s refusal to enforce the federal law prohibiting protests at justices’ homes, a pro-abortion fanatic had shown up at Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house to assassinate him.

While violent leftists called for an “open season” on pro-lifers, the Supreme Court, and its justices, Garland bragged about watching Democrats’ Jan. 6 show-trial hearings and reassured the corrupt corporate media that his prosecutors were doing the same. 

Garland’s lack of urgency about the left’s political violence in response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, even as the AG prepares to indict his party’s main political opposition and those who support him, strongly contrasts with how voters feel the DOJ should operate.

The Biden Administration's failure to appropriately address the threats against Supreme Court justices head on is just the latest example of its failure to promote law and order.