ICYMI: Voter ID=Suppression is a Myth, According to New Survey

According to Politico, citing a sweeping survey by the Knight Foundation, “voter suppression” is a myth.  While Politico does not put it exactly that way, here is a key paragraph that makes that point:

Democratic campaign committees and activist groups have been spending millions of dollars to fight against a range of legal obstacles on voting, believing that making voter registration easier and keeping polls open longer would inspire more Americans to turn out.

But to nonvoters themselves, those issues don’t seem to be at the forefront of their minds . . .

Structural issues such as voter ID laws and difficulty accessing polling places didn’t come up enough to even be marked in the Knight survey results. 

So in a sweeping survey, not only was voter ID not an obstacle to nonvoters, it was not even statistically significant enough to be mentioned in the results.  Of course, liberal activists respond by making excuses or attempting to rationalize their own survey.  The fact remains: voter ID does not suppress votes and it is not a reason eligible voters decide not to vote. 

Politico was not the only mainstream outlet to undercut the liberal “voter ID is voter suppression" narrative.  Liberals were very excited about a questionable decision granting a temporary injunction stopping North Carolina’s voter ID law from being implemented.  One would think from the rhetoric, that North Carolina’s voter ID law was the most extreme in the country.  However, liberal fact-checker PoliFact concluded:

We found that North Carolina’s photo ID law is lenient compared to other photo ID laws.

Two of the three judges on the panel allegedly violated North Carolina’s “judicial ethics” since they campaigned to end voter ID.  This is important to note as it seems voter ID is a political issue for the far left and their allies.  Voter ID is not voter suppression, an obstacle or even an issue to nonvoters. 

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