Is DOJ Funding the DNC and All Democrat Campaigns List Keepers?

Would the mainstream media or any Democrat be okay if the Bush Justice Department had funded the RNC or a Koch funded political group?  Of course not.  It would have been a huge scandal and be cited as a prime example of politicization of the Department of Justice. 

Now, the Obama Department of Justice is doing that - funding the master political list keeper of the Democrat Party called Catalist.

The Justice Department also pumped untold thousands of dollars into a database run by a company called Catalist. This database has been populated with data provided by the Democratic National Committee, unions, and other liberal organizations and is used to help them win elections. Catalist’s infrastructure and database are expensive to maintain, but fear not, the Justice Department, in the North Carolina trial and elsewhere, has provided federal tax dollars to its expert witnesses so that they could purchase Catalist’s proprietary data. Yes, federal dollars were used to fund a database that will be used next year to try to win the 2016 election for Democratic candidates.

A further description of Catalist is from their website:

Seeking a competitive edge in 50 hotly contested congressional races in 2012, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee turned to Catalist, a Washington-based political consultancy that uses dynamic modeling of voter information to develop campaign strategies. . . . We provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize.

Catalist is similar to the Koch brothers funding i360 on the right.  Could you imagine the outrage if i360 was funded by DOJ under a Republican President?  Yet, Catalist is closely connected with the Democrat Party and its job is to elect Democrats.  This is another example of the extreme partisanship of the Obama Justice Department.