Jeff Sessions Restored the Rule of Law to DOJ

Today, Jeff Sessions resigned as Attorney General of the United States, and President Trump announced that Sessions' Chief of Staff, Matthew Whitaker, will be the Acting Attorney General.  Under Attorney General Sessions, the Department of Justice has returned to respecting the rule of law and enforcing and supporting the law as written, instead of pursuing a partisan agenda as it did under President Obama.

The Department of Justice under Attorney General Sessions has worked to restore the rule of law in many ways, importantly by: 1. supporting election integrity (supporting state election integrity laws in litigation and prosecuting/investigating vote fraud), 2. supporting free speech on campus, 3. supporting religious liberty, and 4. supporting pro-liberty and pro-rule of law positions in litigation, particularly at the Supreme Court.  We have chronicled many of these efforts on this blog, including the following notable posts:


Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, who both served for many years with him in the Senate, praised and thanked Attorney General Sessions:

Thank you, Jeff Sessions, for your service to our country and for working tirelessly at the Department of Justice to restore the rule of law, often against intense criticism by the mainstream media and opposition from career bureaucrats inside DOJ.  Our entire country is indebted to you.