Jordan's Weaponization Subcommittee Issues Scathing Report on Garland School Board Memo

The House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government have issued a scathing report on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland's targeting of parents concerned with the leftist agenda in K-12 education. The report explains:

From the initial set of material produced in response to the subpoenas, it is apparent that the Biden Administration misused federal law-enforcement and counterterrorism resources for political purposes. The Justice Department’s own documents demonstrate that there was no compelling nationwide law-enforcement justification for the Attorney General’s directive or the Department components’ execution thereof. After surveying local law enforcement, U.S. Attorney’s offices around the country reported back to Main Justice that there was no legitimate law-enforcement basis for the Attorney General’s directive to use federal law-enforcement and counterterrorism resources to investigate school board-related threats.

The controversy dates back to fall 2021, when Attorney General Garland issued his infamous school board memo at the behest of a national school board union:

The committee was referring to Garland’s October 2021 memo, which directed the FBI to partner with local law enforcement and U.S. attorneys to discuss parental threats at school board meetings against faculty and "prosecute them when appropriate."

Garland's memo came after a September 2021 NSBA letter to President Biden requesting federal law enforcement assistance to target parents.

The report continues: 

This weaponization of law-enforcement powers against American parents exercising their First Amendment rights is dangerous. The Justice Department subjected moms and dads to the opening of an FBI investigation about them, the establishment of an FBI case file that includes their political views, and the application of a “threat tag” to their names as a direct result of their exercise of their fundamental constitutional right to speak and advocate for their children. The Committee has called on Attorney General Garland to rescind his memorandum, which he has refused to do. From the documents and information received pursuant to the subpoena, it is crystal clear that Attorney General Garland should rescind his unwise and unsupported directive to insert federal law enforcement into local school board matters.

The committees have made this topic a priority during the 118th Congress under the leadership of Chairman Jim Jordan. 

Chairman Jordan will be the opening speaker at RNLA's 2023 National Policy Conference.

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