Judiciary Democrats Ram Dangerous "Ethics" Bill Targeting SCOTUS Through Committee

On Thursday, Senate Judiciary Democrats passed the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act out of Committee. This bill is a dangerous piece of legislation that is the Democrats' latest attempt to attack the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

As Republican Senator John Kennedy pointed out at the hearing, the bill isn't about ethics. It's a way for Democrats to retaliate against the Court for decisions they don't agree with:

“This bill is not about ethics. … This bill is about the Groff case, the Elenis case, the Harvard case, it’s about Dobbs, it’s about Bruen, it’s about West Virginia vs. EPA. We all know what a tell is. Even if you’ve never played poker, you know what a tell is. A tell is behavior that gives unintended information about what you really think. There are plenty of tells about what this bill is really about. I still can’t get over, Mr. Chairman, that he said it. I still can’t get over that Senator Schumer went to the steps of the United States Supreme Court and said the following. I’m going to quote him because it gives me chills of the wrong kind. Senator Schumer said, … ‘You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.’ … You disagree with the opinions of the United States Supreme Court. … The answer is not to destroy the Supreme Court.”

Dark money conspiracy theorists like Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse claim that the right has some secret plan to undermine the Court, but Senator Lee masterfully illustrated how Democrats are actually the ones who use dark money-backed campaigns to attack the Court's legitimacy.

Astonishingly, Democrats voted "no" on an amendment to the legislation that would have given Supreme Court police jurisdiction over investigating intimidation of Justices. They only begrudgingly condemned racist attacks against Justice Clarence Thomas.

Thank you Senate Republicans for opposing this desperate attempt by Democrats to intimidate the Supreme Court.

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