Justice Kavanaugh Confirmed, Sworn-In on Saturday

On Saturday, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate 50 to 48 with Vice President Mike Pence presiding.  Justice Kavanaugh was sworn-in Saturday evening.  He carried through on his promise to have an all-women first class of clerks, including one African-American woman.  This the first time in Supreme Court history that a justice has had an all-women class of clerks.

The RNLA congratulated Justice Kavanaugh on Saturday, with statements from a few RNLA leaders:

RNLA Co-Chair Joanne Young stated: "Senator Susan Collins demonstrated yesterday that strong, independent-thinking women have reached their own conclusions about Judge Kavanaugh. He will be a fine Justice on the Supreme Court – committed to the bedrock principles of due process and the rule of law, continuing to carefully apply the law to the facts presented, with reverence to the Constitution and consideration for the parties involved. It bears emphasis that Justice Kavanaugh will continue to advance the careers of women lawyers, just as he has on the D.C. Circuit. Beginning with his first class of all women Supreme Court clerks, his confirmation means that progress will continue for women, to the benefit of the entire country."

RNLA Chair John Ryder further stated: "First, Congratulations to Leader McConnell and Chairman Grassley. They have been towers of strength amid the hysteria and histrionics of the opposition. As a result of their courage, Judge Kavanaugh will now take his proper place on the Supreme Court where he will serve with the same temperament and ability he has shown on the D.C. Court of Appeals."

RNLA President Elliot Berke said: "I first met Brett Kavanaugh almost 20 years ago, well before he as first appointed to the bench. We both served in the Office of the Independent Counsel and while we didn't overlap it was known even then he was likely bound for the Supreme Court. I've known him to be a critical thinker, a fair jurist, and a good man. I am confident he will be, as he has said, an independent and impartial justice and congratulate him and his family on his confirmation."

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen added: "A good man and great Judge was subject to at best uncorroborated and at worst patently unbelievable personal attacks as part of Schumer's effort to oppose him 'with everything I've got.' Democrats should be ashamed and current polling shows voters will remember in November."

RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon agreed: "Congratulations to President Trump, Leader McConnell, and Chairman Grassley, as well as Judge Kavanaugh and his family, on today's overdue confirmation. We also thank the Senators who voted to confirm this eminently qualified jurist in the face of violent threats, nonstop harassment, and degradation of our most fundamental norms of justice. We look forward to a renewal and strengthening of constitutional jurisprudence with Justice Kavanaugh on the bench."

RNLA leaders, members, and friends also sent a letter to Senate leadership on Friday in support of then-Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation.

While this particular confirmation process is over, the full effects of the Democrats' campaign of character destruction against Brett Kavanaugh have yet to be seen.  In the meantime, Justice Kavanaugh will hear his first oral arguments at the Court tomorrow.