Harris is More Than Willing to Mislead Americans About Her Record

Yesterday, presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that he selected California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.  While the mainstream media has dubbed her a centrist, her record suggests otherwise.

As Becket Adams wrote in the Washington Examiner:

Harris’s track record as a “moderate” and a "centrist" includes supporting late-term abortion, co-sponsoring both "Medicare for all" and the Green New Deal, and calling for repeals of tax cuts. The senator even tried to impose a religious litmus test on Catholic judicial nominees. And this is to say nothing of Harris’s long record of prosecutorial abuses.

Harris is also known for her gross mistreatment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation process:

Her attacks continued even after Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed with Harris calling for his impeachment a year later.

Harris also supports packing the Supreme Court so that liberal policies can go unchecked without any meaningful constitutional review provided by the judiciary:

Beyond her alarming views on the judiciary and unjust treatment of Justice Kavanaugh, Harris has a damning record as a prosector that both sides have harshly criticized:

She also used her platform while she was a presidential candidate to support the suppression of free speech:

Just like her first official appearance as Joe Biden's running mate showed, Kamala Harris is more than willing to mislead the American people about her record on issues they care deeply about as well as grossly mischaracterize the many accomplishments of the Trump Administration.