Kansas Makes Reporting Voter Fraud Easier

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, added a new website link to report suspected voter fraud in addition to a voter fraud hotline. This is after Kobach gained the power to prosecute voter fraud instead of reporting them to a local district attorneys office. The message on the KA Secretary of State’s Office website says,

In order to ensure that Kansas elections are among the most secure in the nation, we must safeguard our voting process. Election and voter fraud undermines the precious right of each citizen to be heard at the ballot box.



According to Deputy Secretary of State, Bryan Caskey, possible violations include voting irregularities, corrupt political advertising, election bribery, election forgery, disorderly election conduct, intimidation of voters, voting without being qualified and voting twice in the same election.

Unfortunately, the KA Democratic Representative John Carmichael is ready to spar over the issue and claims Koback will pursue “less than meritorious cases.” And says “That’s what we have to keep our eye on.”


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