KBJ Receives Tie Vote from Senate Judiciary Committee

Earlier today, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court received a tie vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee. No Republicans voted in favor of the nomination.

The theme of today's hearing was that there are still significant questions that remain unanswered about Judge Jackson's record and judicial philosophy. Democrat members of the Committee complained (as usual) that the Republicans would dare ask for answers to questions that are foundational to understanding whether a nominee is qualified to serve on the Court. The fact of the matter is that Democrats know that many Americans would not be happy if they knew the truth about Judge Jackson's record.

Because the nomination did not receive a majority vote, the full Senate will now vote on whether to discharge the nomination from the Committee.

As The Article III Project's Mike Davis points out, today should be a win for Democrats. However, if Judge Jackson is confirmed, the American people will not take kindly to a radical justice being placed on the Court.

A confirmation vote is expected to be held by the end of this week.