Clarke Fails Measurably to Defend Biden Administration Positions on Voting and Parental Rights

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing entitled, "Protecting a Precious, Almost Sacred Right: The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act" (a.k.a. H.R. 4 / S.4).  Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke testified before the Committee in attempt to defend the proposed partisan power grab and federal takeover of our elections.

One of the worst parts of H.R. 4 is the unbridled power it gives to the DOJ to decide which state election laws should be allowed to go into effect. Senator Mike Lee pointed out that this would expressly violate the principles of Federalism. This didn't seem to matter to Clarke.

It is abundantly clear that Clarke and the rest of the Biden DOJ don't actually care about the content of election laws, only about where and who passed them and whether those laws are politically convenient for Democrats.

Republican Senators noted that it is not just elections where the DOJ is showing its willingness to overstep its power with the announcement that it is looking into the grassroots movement of parents who are critical of Critical Race Theory and other radical policies being pushed by local school districts. 

The last word goes to Senator Marsha Blackburn who summed up the Biden Administration's position on speech.

Apparently Clarke believes that only those on her side deserve civil rights.