The Left's "Lawless Fantasy" Against Republican Attorneys

On Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET, RNLA will host a webinar to discuss "The Dangerous Precedent Set by the Left's Threats Against Republican Attorneys." It will feature RNLA Co-Chair Harmeet Dhillon and GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley. Both have criticized the left's recent attacks on Republican attorneys.

Professor Turley recently wrote an op-ed for The Hill on the "lawless fantasy" the left has adopted about the Trump Campaign's legal team:

As [Trump] lawyers started to file cases, alleging everything from deceased voters to biased authentication, the solution became clear. Get rid of the lawyers. No lawyers, no lawsuits, no Donald Trump. What is very unsettling is that this effort has been undertaken by lawyers.

He continued:

[T]he law is not like any other business. Lawyers speak for others, including some of the least popular among us. I have represented clients ranging from judges, members of Congress, and whistleblowers to spies, terrorists, and polygamists. Many of these clients were very much hated with the public, who demanded I be fired from my law school. Yet I have never seen such a campaign led by lawyers against lawyers.

Our legal system works best when competent lawyers present cases to objective judges. In this scenario, some 72 million Americans voted for Trump, and many believe that changes in the process, most notably the massive increase for mail voting, undermined election integrity. That is why such cases are important. Faith in our legal system depends on fair access to and representation of all Americans in the courts.

Professor Turley concluded:

We can concur that every ballot must be counted and every case be heard. This crisis of faith has moved from the political system to the legal system. The courts are supposed to be where reason transcends the rage outside. However, it still needs lawyers.

RNLA Co-Chair Harmeet Dhillon has taken to Twitter to condemn the attacks on the Trump Campaign's legal team:

You can register for RNLA's webinar featuring Professor Jonathan Turley and RNLA Co-Chair Harmeet Dhillon here.