Like Strozk, FEC Commissioner Weintraub Should Be Recused from Trump Cases

(This is the first in a series of five posts on the demonstrated bias of Democratic FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub.  The second is here, the third is here, and the last installments will be posted in the next few days.)

From the Department of Justice to FBI leadership to the halls of Congress to American public opinion, nobody can credibly defend the conduct of FBI investigator Peter Strozk.  His blatant and deeply personal bias against Donald Trump, the subject of his investigation, and his politicization of FBI investigations cannot be condoned.  Strozk and his girlfriend Lisa Page were properly removed from the Mueller investigation team.  Even after their removal, however, their involvement in the Clinton email investigation and the Russian meddling investigation has left both investigations tainted. 

Which brings us to other law enforcement agencies and officials whose prejudice and enmity for President Trump is as deep and even more vocal than Peter Strozk's.  Strozk was a small player, one of several line investigators, and his personal emails and opinions about Trump -- as explicit and biased as they were -- pale by comparison to mounting evidence of anti-Trump prejudice in the office of Democratic Federal Election Commission Vice Chair Ellen Weintraub -- a Commission decision maker and powerful leader of the agency who is scheduled to become agency Chair in four months.  

Commissioner Weintraub has joined the political opposition to President Trump.  Weintraub started lobbing gratuitous political volleys at President Trump soon after he was took office.  She publicly jousted with President Trump over claims of voter fraud, an issue outside the jurisdiction of the FEC.  That drew a complaint to the FEC Inspector General.  Weintraub quickly -- and lamely -- attempted to link her foray into the President's voter fraud politics to her official duties as a Commissioner, while at the same time rallying her own political support on Twitter and elsewhere, declaring that she would not be "silenced."  

But Weintraub's post hoc effort at legitimization was transparent. A single Commissioner has no authority to launch an investigation by letter to the President (or any other witness).  Her missives to the President could not possibly constitute the conduct of official FEC business because it was unauthorized and out of order.  This was confirmed when Project Veritas confronted Weintraub with actual evidence of voter fraud in New Hampshire and asked her pointedly what she intended to do about it, butWeintraub suddenly claimed she could not comment publicly on the issue.  She has done nothing since that time to prioritize the issue.  Letters loudly jousting with the President took priority, but serious, official action can wait and must remain hush-hush.       

Weintraub also published a mean-spirited diatribe against the President's legal counselin a Washington Post op-ed at the beginning of the administration.  That's far afield from the business of the FEC, and its terms were so personal and nasty that Weintraub's hatred for the Trump campaign and its lawyer were on full display.  

All this political jousting indicates one thing: that Commissioner Weintraub started off with a clear bias against Donald Trump, his lawyer, and his administration.