Mueller Report Confirms: Obama Failed and Trump is Innocent

The Mueller Report tells the country in granular detail the ground covered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller while investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election. 

After spending tens of millions of dollars, the Mueller investigation revealed what we already knew -- Russians hacked American computers, published thousands of stolen emails online (including WikiLeaks), fronted false identities on social media sites, and stirred dissension and division among American citizens. 

Mueller found no evidence that the Trump campaign colludedin these nefarious foreign attacks on our democracy.We already knew that too. 

Thank you, Mr. Mueller, for confirming this and clearing the clouds of false accusations leveled by Schiff, Nadler, Cummings, Warner, Brennan, Clapper, and dozens of liberal talking heads on CNN and MSNBC. Now, if only those charlatans will accept the truth and move on from their obsessive efforts to harm American democracy any further.

The Report stands as a searing indictment of the Obama Administration and its failure to prevent the Russians from meddling. 

The Obama national intelligence and national security agencies failed to anticipate, timely detect, and interfere in the Russians’ criminal conduct. They had been forewarned as early as 2014 but failed to protect our country.

Then suddenly suspicions, accusations, and even surveillance began - not on the Obama administration but on the Trump campaign. 

The same national security officials who failed America were now falsely fanning suspicions about the Trump campaign. Never mind that former director of national intelligence James Clapper had lied to Congress previously

The national media platformed him and Clapper leveraged the credibility indicated by his office (he must know, given his position). Democrats in Washington stirred public attention while they focused official government investigations on proving Trump to be a Manchurian candidate.

Even President Obama, who impotently did little more than tell Vladimir Putin to "knock it off," contributed to the official effort to de-legitimize President Trump's win. Obama ordered a public report released that suggested the election was impacted by Russian meddling and stirred suspicion that Trump officials colluded with the Russians.

Obama thereby shifted blame for national security failures away from himself. Obama, of course, could do no wrong. 

What ensued was Democratic pressure to appoint a special counsel to investigate President Trump. Two years later we have a Mueller Report confirming two things: Obama failed and Trump is innocent.