Obama-Appointed Judge Confirms There is NO Evidence of Republican Voter Suppression

Since 1981 the Republican National Committee has been under a consent decree regarding election integrity operations. For years the RNC has avoided any and everything to do with such activities.  The Democratic National Committee and its allies have been frothing at the mouth on this issue, despite no evidence of ANYONE on the right engaging in voter suppression.  Today, a federal judge appointed by President Obama, Michael Vazquez, made a statement that should put the argument over voter suppression to rest for good:

“As far as what’s before this court, you’ve presented me with no evidence of actual voter suppression efforts on the day of the election, much less tying it to the RNC,” Vazquez told DNC attorneys.

This statement is worth breaking down.  In 2016, in the entire country the DNC with its large staff, money and nationwide affiliates could find “no evidence” of “actual voter suppression.”  The word actual is important because the DNC, Democrats and left-wing groups have accused Republicans in the media and fundraised off such claimed “voter suppression.”  Yet, the DNC could find “no evidence.” 


The DNC and liberal allies will no doubt latch on to the fact that the judge granted a deposition of Sean Spicer based on comments he made in a news article.  However, again, the judge stated:

“I want to give you a realistic expectation that I’m not going to be inclined to grant any additional discovery unless, through material issue of the consent decree, you have real evidence that what he said was not accurate,” he said.

The RNC did not engage in election integrity operation in 2016 or for years prior.  More importantly, an Obama-appointed judge agrees that there is no “actual voter suppression” by Republicans.   Now it is up to the media to focus on the real problems with election administration and to call out Democrats for "fake news."