Once Again Democrats Look like Hypocrites on Voting

The right and honest brokers on the left agree that vote by mail by itself is a flawed voting system.  It has problems with voter error, delivery issues, chain of custody, fraud and more.  In-person voting is the best option for most voters (though some additional absentee voting may be needed to respond to the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic)

However, we never expected to see support for in-person voting over vote by mail come from liberal stalwart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

On the last part of her tweet, we agree 100% and are happy that AOC is in the vote in-person over vote by mail crowd.  Of course, AOC could be just a hypocrite in that she wants only her voters to vote in-person while everyone else takes their chances with the mail. 

Of course that is not the only example of hypocrisy that AOC’s tweet points out regarding her fellow Democrats.  At the same time Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is making groundless claims against President Trump that he will come up with a rationale so the November election “can’t be held,” the Democrats in New City are canceling elections.  Once again the Democratic Party (this time in New York) is changing the law to hurt Bernie Sanders and the progressive wing of the Democrat Party:

Sanders formally suspended his campaign earlier this month, but said that he planned to stay on the ballot in upcoming primaries in order to maximize his influence on the Democratic Party’s platform and rules.

Five days later, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a budget bill with an obscure provision authorizing the state’s board of elections to remove from the primary ballot those candidates who have withdrawn from the presidential campaign.

As Sanders' attorney Malcom Seymour wrote in a letter:

“The legislature would not have given the Board this discretion if the legislature had not anticipated that situations would arise in which a candidate’s removal would be improper,” the lawyer said. “This is clearly one such situation ― Senator Sanders has publicly stated that he wishes to remain a candidate and has formally objected to his removal.”

“His involuntary erasure from the ballot, on grounds of a law that was not in effect when he announced his campaign’s limited suspension, would sow needless strife and distrust, impeding Senator Sanders’ efforts to unify the Democratic Party in advance of November elections,” Seymour added.

AOC wants in-person for voting for her own Democratic Party election but seemingly not for the country.  Biden accuses President Trump of considering canceling the election while his own party is doing just that to help chill the possible dissenting voices of the Sanders campaign.  The only thing consistent about Democrats' positions on voting is their hypocrisy.