ICYMI: Pelosi Drops Effort to Steal Iowa Election

Pelosi's partisan power grab in Iowa's Second Congressional District is officially over. After months of controversy, Democrat Rita Hart has dropped her federal election challenge to the outcome of November's race for the congressional seat that rightfully went to Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

The effort to seat Hart in place of the election winner Congresswoman Miller-Meeks was spearheaded by liberal attorney Marc Elias who recently came under fire for conflicts of interest he had with Democrat members of the Committee on House Administration and for being sanctioned by the Fifth Circuit for ethics violations. In the most recent brief Elias filed on behalf of Hart, he blatantly asked the Committee to disregard Iowa law to the benefit of Democrats. This made some congressional Democrats so uncomfortable that they publicly opposed the election challenge.

The decision to drop the challenge to the results in Iowa's Second Congressional District was a strategic one. Speaker Pelosi would have gone through with it if she could have gotten away with it. She told us as much herself.

As House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Wednesday, "This is the People's House. Not Pelosi's House."