President Trump Lifting Burdensome Regulations in Coronavirus Response

Some positive actions have been taken in response to the coronavirus, including slashing the burdensome regulations that have been restricting Americans access to medical attention.  President Trump used his emergency powers, and other Governors have followed suit to reduce heavy regulations.

As President Trump said today:

I have directed the FDA to eliminate outdated rules and bureaucracy so this work can proceed rapidly, quickly, and fast. we have to remove every barrier. there were a lot of barriers that were unnecessary.

Americans for Tax Reform’s Isabelle Morales details why this is such a positive development:

In the wake of COVID-19, the Trump administration and state and local governments are wisely suspending several rules and regulations in order to expand health care access, expand access to medical supplies and food, and to ultimately reduce the spread of the virus.

These are regulations that, presumably, should not have been implemented in the first place, given their tendency to reduce innovation and access to care, not to mention their needless restriction on American liberty.

Isabelle goes on to list these regulations - such as FDA giving states leeway to test for coronavirus and loosening restrictions on new tests.  President Trump’s leadership has inspired a number of Governors to grant reciprocity to licensed medical workers from other states to be able to work in impacted areas.  Other innovations such as Telehealth have also occurred.  A few examples:

The FDA will allow states to take responsibility for tests developed and used by laboratories within their borders. The labs will not have to pursue Emergency Use Authorization from the agency, an emergency clearance that is normally required." - STAT News (3/16/20)

Maryland - Established interstate reciprocity for health care licenses

"Prior to this new rule, state regulation was such that only people with health care licenses issued by the state could practice in Maryland." - Office of Governor Larry Hogan (3/16/20)

As President Trump said:

 No president even close to be able to do what I have done in slashing all of the redtape and everything to get very important things to the market. We slash redtape to develop vaccines and therapies as fast as it can possibly be done.

Thank you President Trump.