Republicans Fight for Transparent Elections

While Democrats do just about all they can to undermine election integrity and weaken important election procedures by filing innumerable frivolous lawsuits, Republicans are fighting back to uphold the rule of law and promote transparency in elections.

On Tuesday, September 20, the Republican National Committee announced that it filed a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada to compel election officials to respond to public records requests seeking public information regarding the partisan breakdown and political affiliation of poll workers.

Nevada election law requires that poll workers in Clark County must not all be from the same political party. Yet, election officials have continually refused to disclose whether they have adhered to the law. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel explained that the RNC’s lawsuit in Nevada is about one thing and one thing only—transparency. 

“The RNC has consistently tried to work with Clark County to ensure that its election officials are following Nevada law by ensuring bipartisan representation among poll workers. The County has refused our good-faith compromises and is hiding records that the public is legally allowed to see. Sunlight is the best disinfectant: we are suing Clark County to secure the election transparency that Nevadans deserve ahead of midterms.”

But legal action is not just being taken in Clark County. Conservative lawyers in other states have also taken legal action to safeguard elections. 

Pennsylvania's Wally Zimolong is one of those lawyers. He has persevered even when the liberal wing of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would rather side with Democrats and undermine the rule of law, as it did in its recent decision to uphold Act 77, Pennsylvania's no-excuse mail voting system. Zimolong explained in the Daily Signal why this fight is so important to defend the rule of law: 

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled 5-2 last month that the state’s no-excuse, by-mail voting law is constitutional. But to do that, the state’s highest court had to ignore and overturn over 150 years of precedent holding that the Pennsylvania Constitution requires in-person voting...

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court removed power that has belonged to the voters for 150 years and gave it to the Legislature, unchecked.

Mail-in voting in Pennsylvania has led many to question its legitimacy and fueled claims of election fraud. The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Act 77 hardly settled those issues. 

A republic cannot properly function if the populace lacks faith in the outcomes of elections. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court had an opportunity to restore faith in those outcomes by requiring voters to ratify a constitutional amendment permitting no-excuse mail voting, just as voters had been required to do time and time again to expand mail-voting earlier.

Zimolong is also spearheading another effort with America First Legal in Pennsylvania to push back against counties that are going beyond the law to provide unmonitored, vulnerable absentee ballot drop boxes where the law does not permit them to do so. 

Democrats on the radical Left decry Republican efforts to simply ensure that the laws on the books are enforced and promote transparency—something they clearly don’t want.

Take, for example, dark-money funded Marc Elias, the Democrats’ go-to lawyer when things don’t go their way. Elias is fine with liberal organizations suing at every turn to undermine elections, but heaven forbid Republican attorneys take action.

Marc Elias scoffs at Republican efforts that promote election integrity and transparency while his army of lawyers files incessant lawsuits to remove, weaken, or otherwise undermine election integrity across the country. But recent Republican efforts to proactively safeguard elections and challenge rogue election officials have put Democrats on the defensive. 

Voters want secure and transparent elections. RNLA is proud of the Republican lawyers fighting to safeguard our elections.