RNC and NRSC Intervene to Defend Florida Election Reforms

On Thursday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) announced that they are seeking to intervene in two ongoing lawsuits filed by the NAACP and the League of Women Voters (via Marc Elias) challenging election reforms recently signed into Florida law by Governor Ron DeSantis:

“Florida’s recent election reforms are aimed at a simple goal: making it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “Democrat attempts to dishonestly misrepresent these common-sense reforms are pure political theater, and Floridians see right through them. The RNC remains committed to protecting election integrity at every level of the process, no matter how many lies Democrats tell.”

“My goal has always been 100 percent participation and zero fraud,” said NRSC Chairman Rick Scott. “Since my time as Governor, Florida has enacted laws that maximize voter participation while protecting the integrity and transparency of our elections. The lawsuits being pushed by radical leftists in Florida have no basis in fact. They are part of the Democrats’ Big Lie – that any efforts to secure the integrity of our elections is racist. That is a lie and the NRSC is proud to stand with the RNC in my home state to defend this common sense law and fight back against the Democrats’ lies.”

The RNC and NRSC's request to intervene will likely be granted. As reported by Florida Politics:

A memo filed in the Northern District of Florida argued the court should allow the RNC and the NRSC to join as defendants in the case, using the Democratic party’s own words from a different voting lawsuit, Issa v. Newsome, which stated “political parties usually have good cause to intervene in disputes over election rules.”

The memo also noted the court’s resolution would have “significant implications” for the Republican party, so attorneys representing the Republican party should be involved.

The Northern District court, in recent election cycles, “has always allowed the Republican Party to intervene,” according to the memo, which cited several cases. . .

The RNC and NRSC's announcement about the Florida suits came as the RNC secured victories in Minnesota and Ohio.

Thank you to RNC and NRSC leadership for fighting to defend the integrity of our elections!