RNC: Last Week's Elections Show the Success of GOP-Backed Election Integrity Measures

It's been one week since Election Day, and as the RNC reports, last week's elections are proof that GOP-backed voting reforms work:

  • In Georgia, Democrats lied about SB202, Georgia’s election integrity law, which led to a Democrat-backed boycott meant to hurt small businesses.
    • On Election Day, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote that voters saw “short lines,” “few problems,” and no “obstacles at the polls.”
  • In Florida, Democrats disgustingly attempted to smear SB90, Florida’s new election law, as “Jim Crow” in attempt to generate outrage about the bill. 
    • On Election Day, reports from Florida’s counties were that the elections went off “without a hitch, with no reports of malfunctions, long lines or other issues at polling places.”
    • For the congressional special election in Broward and Palm Beach counties, election officials reported “smooth” voting and no issues related to the state’s new election law.
  • Of the 19 states the left-wing Brenan Center for Justice says have implemented election integrity measures, 17 of them held elections last week and none reported any major election issues.

The RNC also notes that New Yorkers rejected Democrat-backed ballot measures meant to enable same-day voter registration and universal vote by mail. As the New York Times reported, this was part of a statewide rejection of Democrat candidates and their policy proposals:

“There’s no way to sugarcoat this: This was a shellacking on a thumping,” Steve Israel, a former New York congressman and onetime chair of the House Democratic campaign arm, said of Tuesday’s results for the party in New York and across the country.

The RNLA was proud to partner with the RNC and other Republican groups and campaigns in Virginia to ensure a safe and secure election. Democrats will argue that that activities like poll watching suppress the vote, but voter turnout in Virginia was the highest for a gubernatorial election since the late 1990's.

We applaud the RNC for their efforts to promote voter integrity across the country. Making it easier to vote and harder to cheat is overwhelmingly supported by Americans, and Republicans continue to lead the way in ensuring that every election is free and fair.