RNLA 2022 Policy Conference Recap: Parental Rights

On Friday, April 1, 2022, RNLA hosted its annual National Policy Conference in Arlington, Virginia. The morning sessions featured a panel on parental rights entitled, "The Collision Between Parental Rights and the Education Establishment: Recent Litigation, Title IX Regulations, and the Legal Authority of School Boards."

The panel featured Parents Defending Education's Kimberly Richey, Southeastern Legal Foundation's Braden Boucek, and Chart Consulting's Natasha Chart.

Richey and Boucek discussed ongoing litigation relating to parental rights as well as how the "changing" definitions of things like biological sex are taking the United States backward when it comes to our civil liberties.

Chart, a liberal who identifies as bisexual, explained how the attack on parental rights regarding gender and sex issues is not a partisan issue. In fact, the direction the Biden Administration and the broader Left is taking on these issues breaking down, rather than building up, the rights of parents and women.

The panel in its entirety can be viewed on C-SPAN.